Primrose Happy Hearts: Evrett’s Lemonade Stand

Primrose Happy Hearts: Evrett’s Lemonade Stand

Throughout December, we are celebrating heart-warming stories of Primrose students exhibiting exceptional kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity with a blog series: Primrose Happy Hearts. This post comes to us from Megan O., a Primrose mom from Allen, Texas, whose sons attended Primrose School of West Allen.

A few days before the Fourth of July, my boys and I had just gotten home when we started to smell smoke. We looked out our front door and saw the house across the street engulfed in flames. After a few moments of panic, we saw through the smoke that the family was safe, and our priority shifted to moving them away from the fire and helping them recover from the trauma of watching their home burn down.

From that night on, our house was both a repository for donated items and a gathering place for those who wanted to help the family. Shortly after the fire, my 7-year-old son, Evrett, asked if he could have a lemonade stand. He had asked several times already that summer, but this time he added, “And any money I collect, I can give to them.” It was such a sweet moment – my son had come up with a way to help this family all on his own. I immediately said yes.

The Red, White and Blue Parade was coming up at the Primrose school my boys attended, so we reached out and asked if Evrett could set up his lemonade stand at the event. He ran the entire thing, making lemonade and Kool-Aid, offering snacks, pouring drinks and collecting money from customers. He ended up making close to $300, and we delivered it in an envelope to the family at the hotel where they were staying.

The family moved from our neighborhood shortly after that, but I will never forget how overwhelmed and grateful they were for Evrett’s thoughtfulness. I am so proud of my son and his giving heart. We can all learn from his ability to turn lemons into lemonade.


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