Primrose Happy Hearts: A First Haircut to Remember

Primrose Happy Hearts: A First Haircut to Remember

Throughout December, we are celebrating heart-warming stories of Primrose students exhibiting exceptional kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity with a blog series: Primrose Happy Hearts. This post comes to us from Karie Curnow M., a Primrose mom from Minneapolis, Minn., whose daughter attends Primrose School of Savage.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Reece, I wondered how I would teach her important lessons, like giving back to others. I had the idea of introducing her to Locks of Love because of my experience with a college friend whose cancer returned while we were roommates. I’ve donated my hair to the organization before and thought it could be a great way to help Reece learn the importance of giving and reinforce the character development lessons she’s learning at school.

Reece - before haircutSo, when Reece was three, we talked about how she would feel growing out her hair and giving it to children who don’t have any. Reece had never had her hair cut before, so she had a lot of questions, like “Does it hurt?” and “Where does the hair go?” I explained to her how Locks of Love takes the hair of healthy children, like her, and makes it into wigs that children who are sick can wear like hats. Her first inclination was to give her hair to her Grandpa since he doesn’t have any; but once I explained that it’s OK that Grandpa doesn’t have hair, she embraced the idea of making her first hair cut be more than a personal milestone.

The day before Easter, we headed to the salon. Reece was beyond excited, telling everyone that she was giving her hair away to boys and girls who don’t have any. Once she got in the chair, she was nervous, but afterwards she was celebrating and helping me fill out the form and package for Locks of Love. We put the 11 inches of hair they cut off into two pigtails and sent it off to Florida for someone in need.

Reece still talks about the experience today, and I’m hoping to make it a tradition going forward. I’m so proud of her for recognizing that there are children less fortunate than herself and for being willing to do something about it. At only 4 years old, I’m amazed at how much her big heart inspires me every day.

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