Primrose Happy Hearts: A Big Heart Topped With Bows and Ballcaps

Primrose Happy Hearts: A Big Heart Topped With Bows and Ballcaps

Throughout December, we are celebrating heart-warming stories of Primrose students exhibiting exceptional kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity with a blog series: Primrose Happy Hearts. This post comes to us from Deanna G., a Primrose mom whose daughter attended Primrose School of Hendersonville.

Sometimes through adversity, beautiful things can happen. That’s the way I look at my daughter’s autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata, which caused her to permanently lose her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes by the time she was 1. Hannah has never known what it feels like to have pigtails, but she does know how it feels to draw stares because she looks different.

Because of her disease, people often think that Hannah has cancer, and people regularly stop and talk to us about their own experiences with it. Hannah also has had many opportunities to connect with other kids who have lost their hair either from cancer or Alopecia, especially girls who worry that their lack of hair makes them look more like a boy than a girl. Years of these types of interactions inspired Hannah to help other kids without hair. She has always loved to wear bows and hats, so we started Bows and Ballcaps, a charitable organization that provides those same items to children who have lost their hair.

Together, Hannah and our family began working with Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tenn., and have now expanded to two other locations in the southeast, providing free accessories, bows and hats for children who have lost their hair. We also send care packages to kids across the country. It’s Hannah’s mission to encourage these children to be confident and to remind them that it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.

Hannah is now 11 and she visits our partners and the hospitals we work with often. Recently, Primrose School of Hendersonville held a bow and hat drive for us and asked Hannah to come tell the students her story. Hannah was thrilled to return to her preschool to see the staff who left a lasting impression on our family.

I love Hannah’s benevolent heart and am so proud of her for not only embracing life as she knows it, but for finding a way to pass on the kindness we’ve received so others can do the same.


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