Primrose Classroom Helpers Learn Responsibility

Primrose Classroom Helpers Learn Responsibility

Does the idea of your little one asking if he can help you clear the dinner table sound like a dream?

We believe who children become is as important as what they know. At Primrose®, we teach responsibility at a young age  through assigned classroom jobs such as weather reporter, line leader, and lunch and snack helper. 

To support students’ growth, teachers use a classroom helper chart. Each week, they assign students age-appropriate “jobs” related to classroom maintenance. We find that children love taking on these roles, and — an added bonus for parents — some of these skills translate well at home, too!

Read on to learn more about some of our classroom helper roles.

Weather Reporter: 

Benjamin® the Bear is happiest when he is playing outdoors. This student takes Benjamin to the window to check the weather each day that week. The helper then reports back to the class. Rain, sun or snow, the class discusses what they see outside, then dresses Benjamin in the appropriate clothes for the day.


Line Leader: 

Percy® is a proud rooster who stands tall for his friends. This student helps Percy lead the class when it’s time to line up. The helper also shows everyone how to stand quietly, keeping their hands and feet to themselves.



Lunch and Snack Helper: 

Ally℠, an active little bunny, loves to eat carrots and other brain food. This helper assists Ally and the teacher as they prepare for lunch and snack time by passing out napkins, plates and cups. This student also reminds classmates to push their chairs under the table when they are finished eating.


Librarian Helper:

Og® the Bookworm loves to share his love for books. This student helps Og keep the reading center neat and tidy throughout the day.




Equipment Manager: 

Mia℠ might be a little mouse, but her muscles are mighty strong. This student helps Mia set out and put up equipment during outdoor time.




It’s not always easy for little ones to move from “me” to “we.” Giving children the opportunity to help with daily activities allows them to learn about responsibility and develop new life skills. It can also help build awareness of their role in their broader classroom community and the importance of working together.

To learn more about the Primrose Friends and how they can help children develop positive character traits, check out their bios here. To discover more about our character development program at Primrose Schools® and how parents can intentionally support children’s social-emotional development, check out our other tips and resources.

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