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Police officer speaks with young boy riding his bike

Age-Appropriate Safety Lessons for Preschoolers

National Fire Prevention Week in October and recent floods and wildfires in the news reminds me now more than ever just how important it is…
Father plays a fun game with his daughter on the phone to prepare for emergencies

How to Stay Cool in Case of Emergency

As temperatures rise this summer, there are many “cool,” family-friendly activities parents can do with their children, like visit the local ice cream shop, watch…
Primrose student learns about STEAM by playing with magnets in classroom

Understanding STEAM in Preschool Classrooms

Lately, everyone seems to be talking about STEAM. It’s a hot topic in the world of education and in the business community, but what does…
Young boy playing with splash toy

5 Ways to Keep Children Learning Over the Summer

It’s no secret that children love summer vacation. No matter their age, there’s something about the warm weather and change in routine that makes summertime…
A Primrose teacher interacting with her students in a classroom

Understanding the “Why”: How Research Is Improving Early Childhood Education

This article was originally published in the May 2016 issue of "The Source" from AdvancED. It is reprinted with permission from Advance Education, Inc. Copyright © 2016 AdvancED® All Rights…
A father talking to his son about disasters

Tips for Teaching Children About Disasters

Disasters are scary—for children and adults alike. While preparing your child for a crisis may seem daunting, it is very important to help your child…
A mother sings to her infant

Using Music to Soothe Children

For many adults (myself included), music brings joy and helps us escape stress; however, the effect music has on young children is often far greater…
Father and young daughter play musical instruments together at home

4 Play-Based Activities that Increase Your Child’s Learning Potential

There are few relationships in the world more natural than the relationship between children and play. Especially during infancy, toddlerhood and preschool, playtime provides much…
Parents happily playing with their two children at home

4 Simple Ways to Ease Stress

Parenting is wonderful—and stressful, too. Try these methods to feel better and increase calm at home.
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