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Unlocking Imagination – Writing Stories with Young Children

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your little one to enjoy a book. Or seeing their face light up when their favorite character enters…
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Eileen Spinelli Discusses the Importance of Togetherness

At Primrose schools, teachers use our Balanced Learning® curriculum and books to encourage children to feel a sense of belongingness, compassion and community. One of…
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Nurturing Caring at Home: How to Create “I Care” Cards

Creating “I Care” cards with your child is an easy way to engage them and spend time together while showing the importance and power of kindness!  
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Age-Appropriate STEAM Activities to Try at Home

Try these classroom-inspired STEAM projects to have fun learning at home in simple, age-appropriate ways.
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Kerascoët Shows the Power of a Simple Act of Kindness

We spoke to Kerascoët, a husband-and-wife team of French illustrators, comics and animation artists, to learn more about their book and how important a simple act of kindness can be.
illustrated flowers and teacher Ms Gil

Exploring Native American Culture with Ms. Gil

In September, Primrose schools across the country kick off a yearlong celebration of different cultures, beginning with an exploration of “Alike and Different.” Children learn…
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Under Five Gift Guide: What Are the Best Learning Toys?

With all the toy options out there, it can be challenging to know just what to give a young child to encourage learning – and fun!
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At Primrose Schools, “Giving Without Expectation” Happens All Year

Children can develop important character traits such as generosity and empathy at an early age.
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Traci Sorell Depicts Native Children in Their Full Humanity

Author Traci Sorell writes books for children of all ages that illuminate the lives and contributions of Native Americans.
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