Celebrating others' birthdays can be a challenge for children

Happy Birthday to … Someone Else — How to Help Children Celebrate Others

It can be challenging for little ones when their friend or sibling is the birthday star. Try these tips to teach your child that sharing the spotlight can be fun, too.

How Children Make Friends as They Grow

Understand how children socialize based on age and development, and what parents can do to help.

5 Tips to Prepare for a More Fun, Less Stressful Family Vacation

A smoother trip starts with what you do before you leave. Try these tips for your next travel adventure.
Upcycled Craft: Bug City

Turn an Upcycled Carton into a Backyard Bug City

This fun, easy project teaches children about nature while giving them a chance to flex their creative muscles.
Primrose Friends movement cube

Make Your Own Movement Cube

Get moving as a family with this fun printable cube featuring the Primrose Friends.

5 Calming Techniques to Help Children Work Through Big Feelings

Self-regulation is hard for children — and sometimes for adults, too. Try these calming strategies with your child.

Raising the Engaged Citizens of Tomorrow

Citizenship is a big concept, but children can understand making their community a better place.

How Primrose School Teachers Help Inspire a Love of Learning

Primrose uses purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers to create a classroom experience that instills a love of learning.

How Primrose Balanced Learning Helps Children Develop Social Skills

The Primrose Balanced Learning approach weaves character development and life skills into daily learning experiences so children can develop social and relationship skills.
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