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Explore Science with these DIY Crystal Geodes

What do diamonds, salt and sugar have in common? They’re all crystals! Your child can see the crystallization process in action by creating these simple…
Explore Science with this DIY Lava Lamp

Explore Science with this DIY Lava Lamp

This DIY lava lamp makes it easy for your child to understand the density of different liquids. Find out which secret ingredient puts everything in…
Little girl holds a sieve as her mother pours flour through it

3 Food Science Experiments for Summer

One of the things I love most about cooking is the opportunity it provides for learning—for both myself and my children. There are so many…
A boy looks curiously at a little sapling through a magnifying glass

Spring into Science

As winter fades to spring, young children have new opportunities to channel their inner explorer by playing outside and interacting with nature. Spring is a…

Fun Fall Activities to Help Your Child Learn Spatial Concepts

Corn mazes and hide-and-seek games can help develop your child's brain and body.
Little boy learns STEAM at home playing with multicolored blocks

Easy Ways to Teach STEAM at Home

While it may seem daunting to teach these topics to toddlers and preschoolers, there are lots of easy ways that you can incorporate STEAM into your child’s everyday learning experiences.
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Color Changing Flowers

It's easy to see why your kids will LOVE this colorful flower experiment. Gather your supplies and watch the flowers change before your eyes!
A happy young girl wearing an astronaut helmet made from cardboard

How to Raise a Creative Child

Throughout the past few years, we’ve heard time and again about the importance of 21st-century skills, especially creativity, and how they can influence a child’s…
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STEAM Activity: How to Create an Indoor Greenhouse

With this fun craft, your little gardener can work on their green thumb all winter long.  
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