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3 Ways Primrose Nurtures Character in Children

At Primrose schools, your child learns that compassion, independence and resilience are just as important as reading and math.
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Help Children Navigate Tragic Events in the News

Our nation is reeling from the tragic events that occurred in Texas this week. When horrendous events like these occur, it not only leaves us…

Summer Adventure Club: Robotics Teaches Life Skills in a Fun Way

Participating schools will host a junior robotics competition and teach engineering design. Read why robotics is beneficial for early childhood development.

4 Ways Summer Adventure Club Is Great for Children and Parents

Summer Adventure Club fosters your children’s natural curiosity and love of exploring, discovering and creating. Read about four benefits — for them and for you!

Fun + Learning = A Summer of Adventure

Summer Adventure Club includes engineering challenges, scientific experiments and themed activities designed to empower children’s fullest potential. Check out a sample of themes that students can discover.

Children and Music: Early Exposure Is Good for Young Brains — and It’s Fun, Too

Making music isn’t just fun and entertaining for little ones. When we provide musical experiences to early learners, we’re helping the connections in their brains to grow.

5 Remarkable Women in STEAM to Celebrate with Your Children

To celebrate women in STEAM, we’ve compiled a list of five females who have made monumental achievements in their fields.

Primrose Students and Graduates Put “Giving Without Expectation” into Action

At Primrose Schools®, our emphasis on caring for others and generosity inspires acts of kindness big and small.
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Kindergarten That Offers Peace of Mind & Support for Parents

A strong kindergarten experience can prepare your child for success in elementary school and beyond. And when choosing a school, there’s more to consider than parents may think — especially when the challenges and uncertainty…
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