Our 10 Favorite Books for the Fall

A collection of childern story books about fall

Our 10 Favorite Books for the Fall

Between school starting, the weather changing and pumpkins ready for harvest, fall is an exciting time for young children. To capture your child’s interest in the season and also encourage early literacy development, check out these great reading books for kids and suggestions for accompanying writing activities.

Apples and Pumpkins” by Anne Rockwell (2-6 years)

In this story, a young girl visits an orchard and pumpkin patch with her family and selects a pumpkin to carve and the finest apples to eat.

Activity: Encourage your child to make a list of his favorite places to visit during the fall by drawing, scribbling or writing them down.

The Apple Pie Tree” by Zoe Hall (3-8 years)

In this book, two sisters observe how apples grow from blossoms to tiny green apples and eventually bright red, juicy apples. The family makes an apple pie at the end of the story to celebrate the harvest, and the recipe is included on the final page.

Activity: Consider inviting your child to write or draw the ingredients for the apple pie on a grocery list. Then, make the pie together and enjoy your seasonal dessert!

It’s Fall” by Linda Glaser (4-8 years)

This book includes beautiful illustrations of seasonal plants and weather, as well as animals.

Activity: After reading this story, make a pine cone bird feeder with your child. Then, provide her with a nature journal and encourage her to draw and label the birds that visit the feeder.

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger (4-8 years)

This book is written in the style of the familiar song “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” Three friends go on a fun adventure to find different leaves, and the rhythmic text will have your little one chanting along!

Activity: Encourage your child to go on a leaf hunt around your yard. After finding a variety of leaves, help him make leaf rubbings and label each one.

Gracias: The Thanksgiving Turkey” by Joy Cowley (4-8 years)

Themes of friendship, family and thankfulness are included in this heartwarming story about a young boy who saves the life of a turkey at Thanksgiving time.

Activity: Pass out a blank journal to all of your family members and take 5-10 minutes to write (or draw) five things that you are thankful for that day. Then, share your journal entries with each other. You may be surprised by what your young child writes!

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Additional Book Recommendations

There are so many great fall-themed books for children. Here are additional recommendations that are sure to help you celebrate the fall season with your little one!

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