Nurturing Caring at Home: How to Create “I Care” Cards

child showing she cares with a hug

Nurturing Caring at Home: How to Create “I Care” Cards

It’s never too early to teach your child how to care for others! Children develop rapidly in the first five years of their lives, and the skills and values they learn during this period will build the foundation for a happy, healthy childhood and beyond. That’s why caring is an integral part of the Primrose Balanced Learning® approach, where students experience firsthand the joys of being kind and generous.  

How We Nurture Caring in the Classroom  

Caring for others is a core element of our Happy Hearts Character Development Program®. Children in Primrose classrooms gain an understanding of important character traits — such as compassion for others — through art, music, role playing, and more. 

In February, Primrose Friend Og® the Bookworm teaches children that caring for others helps make the world a better place for everyone. Students then get a chance to care for their community by taking part in Og’s Bountiful Book Drive and donating books for other children to enjoy! 

Primrose schools across the country also participate in an annual Caring and Giving Food Drive. Students, along with families, teachers, and franchise owners, work together to donate food and raise money for community members in need. By participating in the food drive, children get a firsthand look at how their generosity can have a direct impact on the world around them. 

How To Nurture Caring at Home 

It’s important to show how we can treat others outside of the classroom as well. Young children are extremely observant and learn a lot by example, so demonstrating acts of kindness will have a positive impact on your child’s understanding of how to interact with others. Creating “I Care” cards with your child is an easy way to engage them and spend time together while showing the importance and power of kindness!  

Creating “I Care” Cards 


  • Index cards/note cards
  • Writing utensils like colored pencils or crayons 


Give your child a blank card and encourage them to draw pictures or write a word or phrase, such as “care,” “thank you,” or “I love you” to express how much they love and appreciate someone. Be sure to praise your child for their writing, even if it’s just scribbles, and for even younger children, you can simply write down what they dictate to you. When they have finished their artwork or cards, they can give them to family members and friends. 

Nurturing a child’s generosity helps them understand the endless ways they can care for others. And no matter if they’re learning about kindness and giving without expectation in a Primrose classroom, at home or beyond, the benefits of strong character development will be within a child for years to come. 

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