Making the Most of the Primrose Procare App

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Making the Most of the Primrose Procare App

What if you were able to take a glimpse into your child’s classroom to see what he ate for lunch, when he needed a diaper change, how long he napped, what he learned and how he’s interacting with his classmates? The Primrose Schools Procare app allows parents to do all of this (and more) from their smartphones!

Procare is our school-to-home connection, providing families with important information and updates. The app and website give parents a look into their child’s classroom and — most importantly — peace of mind that their child is happy, healthy and learning.

Key Features:

  • Digital updates. Through the app, teachers are able to conveniently provide parents with updates on their child throughout the day. “I try to provide as much information as possible about the children’s days,” says Rhonda, the Pre-K Lead Teacher at Primrose School of Sixes Road. “A parent recently commented to me that it helps her get through the work day when she can see the fun that her child is having at school.” Mary, a Primrose mom, says that knowing what her child ate throughout the day and how much she slept helps her plan her family’s evening.
  • Photos and videos. In addition to providing updates, teachers can also share photos and videos of children throughout the day. This feature gives parents a firsthand look into their child’s everyday learning experiences while allowing teachers to easily document and share major milestones. “We can take pictures of children who are with us from Infants through Pre-K and share a slideshow at graduation. The memories shared are priceless.” says Alice, the Education Coach at and Primrose School of Bells Ferry and Primrose School of Sixes Road.
  • Two-way communication. The app helps to inform parents about school events and announcements. Through push notifications, parents can receive alerts about important school information, such as upcoming fire drills, and reminders, like requests from teachers for extra wipes and diapers. Parents can also provide updates to the school through the app. With just one click, families can notify the school that their child is out sick or of any upcoming planned absences.
  • QR codes for touchless check-in. Primrose schools can use the Procare app to generate a unique QR code that appears on a device, print-out or sign. When parents arrive, they can open the app, select the QR code icon, and scan the code which prompts the parent to easily check in their child from their phone. 

The Procare app is one way Primrose Schools works together with parents to ensure children are learning in consistent, safe, nurturing environments. Learn more about Primrose Schools or find a school near you.

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