Making Mother’s Day Wishes Come True

Making Mother’s Day Wishes Come True

Mother’s Day has always been special because I’m able to spend the day with the people who matter most to me. When my children were young, we lived near Washington, D.C. One of my favorite family outings was walking up and down the National Mall on Mother’s Day, popping in and out of museums and stopping for an ice cream snack from the street vendor. Nothing was more special than taking time out from our busy schedules to focus on each other and to drink in all the joys of being a family together.

I also treasured the gifts that my children, Lauren, Jonathan and Jamie, made for me. When they were preschoolers, those cards stamped with their handprints and signed with their scribbled autographs brought tears to my eyes. I kept every card, and even though they are now in their 30s, I still dig them out to marvel at how my children’s handprints grew from year to year.

When they were a few years older, they surprised me with breakfast in bed. Hmmm, good! Those Cheerios and toast made me feel like a queen!

My children are grown now, but I still look forward to being with them on Mother’s Day. Speaking to my fellow mom friends and colleagues, I find that we share many of the same wishes for Mother’s Day: quality time and simple but meaningful gifts.

Here are a few simple ways to make those wishes come true. Dads and children, take note!

Start (or keep) a Mother’s Day tradition. I loved going to the National Mall with my family, one friend loves hiking and another enjoys spending the day in the garden. Whatever you love to do, making it into a Mother’s Day tradition gives your family something special to look forward to and stores up memories that you’ll treasure for years to come. And don’t forget your grandmothers – planning a multi-generational outing like a nice brunch or zoo visit around Mother’s Day is a fun way to connect your entire family and strengthen relationships.

Make gifts from the heart. Store-bought gifts can be nice, but homemade ones tug at our heartstrings and are more likely to be saved in keepsake boxes. Remember, moms don’t need something glitzy or elaborate to feel special – we can be completely undone by a framed photograph or a printable that spells out “why I love mom.”

Set aside time to reflect. One way to make the most of Mother’s Day is to reflect on what you love about being a mom and the “mom things” you want to do. One friend makes a “Mommy Bucket List” of goals she wants to strive toward and activities she wants to do with her children in the upcoming year. As she puts it, it’s the one to-do list that she loves to keep, and it helps her focus on being the best mom she can be. If you’d like to start your own list of mom goals, try these for inspiration.


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