Celebrating National STEAM Day with Primrose

National STEAM Day is November 8 – and it’s no secret that we love STEAM in our Primrose classrooms! STEAM concepts (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) are important for your child’s future success in school, life and in the workforce.

Good vs. Bad: Learning Through Technology

We live in a world increasingly dependent on technology. However, there is also a wealth of research that shows that too much screen time can be detrimental for children. How do parents and educators find a balance?

STEAM Learning at Home without Trying

While it may seem daunting to teach these topics to toddlers and preschoolers, there are lots of easy ways that you can incorporate STEAM into your child’s every-day learning experience – and you’re probably already doing more than you know.
Science Fun: Rainbow in a Jar

Science Fun: Rainbow in a Jar

Add a little color to your day with an easy DIY craft! You can create this simple experiment with ingredients you may already have at…
Science Fun: Salty Ice

Science Fun: Salty Ice

Looking for an easy, at-home science experiment? Watch how salt makes ice melt quickly with this fun, colorful project! Supplies: Water frozen in cups or…
Preview image for dancing worms video

Science Fun: Dancing Gummy Worms

Turn a popular fruit candy into at-home science experiment with this fun science activity for kids! By combining just a few common cooking ingredients with…
Preview image for tornado in a bottle video

Science Fun: Tornado in a Bottle

This easy, at-home science project helps children understand the circular motion of tornadoes. It’s the perfect way to explore weather with your little one! Supplies:…
A young girl helping her mother recycle

Help Your Child Go Green This Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us of our shared responsibility to take care of the environment, and it’s the perfect opportunity to teach your child lessons in…
Thumbnail preview for DIY crystal geodes video

Explore Science with these DIY Crystal Geodes

What do diamonds, salt and sugar have in common? They’re all crystals! Your child can see the crystallization process in action by creating these simple…
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