Embracing STEAM at Primrose

National STEAM Day is November 8 – and it’s no secret that we love STEAM in our Primrose classrooms! STEAM concepts (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) are important for your child’s future success in school, life and in the workforce.
Primrose teacher sits at table and helps two girl preschoolers use tablet

Good vs. Bad: Learning Through Technology

We live in a world increasingly dependent on technology. However, there is also a wealth of research that shows that too much screen time can be detrimental for children. How do parents and educators find a balance?
Science Fun: Salty Ice

Science Fun: Salty Ice

Looking for an easy, at-home science experiment? Watch how salt makes ice melt quickly with this fun, colorful project! Supplies: Water frozen in cups or…
carnations of varying colors

Color Changing Flowers

It's easy to see why your kids will LOVE this colorful flower experiment. Gather your supplies and watch the flowers change before your eyes!
Preview image for dancing worms video

Science Fun: Dancing Gummy Worms

Turn a popular fruit candy into at-home science experiment with this fun science activity for kids! By combining just a few common cooking ingredients with…
Preview image for tornado in a bottle video

Science Fun: Tornado in a Bottle

This easy, at-home science project helps children understand the circular motion of tornadoes. It’s the perfect way to explore weather with your little one! Supplies:…
Thumbnail preview for DIY crystal geodes video

Explore Science with these DIY Crystal Geodes

What do diamonds, salt and sugar have in common? They’re all crystals! Your child can see the crystallization process in action by creating these simple…
Science Fun: DIY Rain Cloud Experiment

Science Fun: DIY Rain Cloud Experiment

Is your little one curious about clouds and rain? Learn more about the weather with this easy and educational science activity for kids. Using just…
Explore Science with this DIY Lava Lamp

Explore Science with this DIY Lava Lamp

This DIY lava lamp makes it easy for your child to understand the density of different liquids. Find out which secret ingredient puts everything in…
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