Preschool students celebrate Read Across America Day by sitting on the carpet reading books together

Read Across America Day: Giving Back and Celebrating Literacy

Read Across America Day 2019 is March 2! At Primrose, we also use this special day as an opportunity to give back and to support literacy in children everywhere through our Og’s Bountiful Book Drive.
Kid who doesn't like reading lays head down on a book

Is This Normal? My Child Doesn’t Like Reading

For many young children, reading is a key part of their everyday routine. But you might be wondering, "What if my child doesn't love reading?"
Mother and father reading to young son

4 Reasons Why Reading to Babies is Beneficial

Although your baby may not understand every word you say or follow the storyline of each book you share, it’s never too early to start…
Father reading a book about natural disasters to his daughter

Using Books to Teach Your Child About Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can be scary topics for young children, but reading together about these events in books is a great (and less-frightening) way to discuss…
A happy mother looks on as her young son reads a story book

10 Transportation Books for Children Who Love Things that Go!

Young children are often fascinated by cars, boats, planes, trains, trucks and anything else that moves! Vehicles are an exciting part of children’s daily lives,…
Father happily reads a story book to his young son

24 Top Children’s Books and Games that Make Great Gifts

If you love finding the perfect holiday gifts for your children, look no further. Below are several recommendations for books and games that are equally…
A collection of childern story books about fall

Our 10 Favorite Books for the Fall

Between school starting, the weather changing and pumpkins ready for harvest, fall is an exciting time for young children. To capture your child’s interest in…
A little girl coloring in her living room

A Complete Guide to Nurturing Your Young Author

There is a big difference between the definition of a writer and the definition of an author.  A writer makes lists, scribbles down notes, composes…
Practice ABCs Aboard the Alphabet Train

Practice ABCs Aboard the Alphabet Train

We love craft projects that also double as learning activities for kids. Help your child create an alphabet train as you practice the ABCs together! Supplies…
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