Parents Experience Separation Anxiety, Too.

As parents, we are familiar with the anxiety that some children can exhibit when they leave for camp or begin school. Sometimes, we are not as…

7 Ways to Practice Patience with Your Child

Little kids have big feelings. And while all the advice says that parents should stay perfectly calm during our toddlers’ meltdowns, parents are people, too.…

9 Ways to Banish Boredom

When your children cry, “I’m bored!” this is a wonderful window of opportunity to help them flex their exploration and creativity muscles. Today’s young children…

6 Ways to Help Your Preschooler Make Friends

Parents play a major role in helping young children develop a healthy social life. While it is essential that little ones have ample time and…

6 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick in the Summer

A pediatrician offers simple habits to keep common seasonal hazards from ruining warm-weather fun.

6 Questions About Food Allergies, Answered by a Dietitian

From physical reactions to dietary management, the thought of food allergies can be frightening for parents of potentially affected children. There’s a great deal of…

Snacktivity: Measure-It-Yourself Trail Mix

Keep rumbling stomachs satisfied — and learn about counting and measurement together — with this simple recipe that travels well as an outdoor treat.

Say Something Nice with “Compliment Coupons”

Clip out and share these thought starters to spark random acts of kindness on Say Something Nice Day (or anytime!)

Easy Teacher Gifts That Say “Thank You”

Memorable gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. For Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7, consider one of these simple, heartfelt crafts you can make together.
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