Kindergarten That Offers Peace of Mind & Support for Parents

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Kindergarten That Offers Peace of Mind & Support for Parents

A stronkindergarten experience can prepare your child for success in elementary school and beyond. And when choosing a school, there’s more to consider than parents may think — especially when the challenges and uncertainty of a pandemic are thrown in. 

Quality of education, safety precautions and care outside of school hours all play a crucial role in a parent’s decision-making. At Primrose Schools, we understand those concerns and take a number of steps to ensure parents feel confident in their education decision. 

 A Tried-and-True Curriculum 

Five-year-olds are excited to learn and explore their world, and our Balanced Learning® approach ensures that natural curiosity is nurtured and supported as children build problem-solving skills and confidence. Primrose schools help prepare children for elementary school through small group academic lessons, scientific investigation, creative expression, physical well-being, and social and emotional development. In the 2020–2021 school year, 96% of our kindergartners demonstrated first grade readiness by meeting or exceeding early literacy and math Kindergarten learning standards!* 

“The curriculum, teachers and school administrators are all top notch. We know that our daughter will be in an excellent position when she starts first grade next year.” -Dan, a Primrose Parent

Increased Health & Safety 

Health and safety practices have always been stringent across Primrose schools, but the pandemic has ushered in a new wave of enhanced practices. Small class sizes naturally help to reduce exposure risks, and Franchise Owners and School Leadership Teams are committed to following or exceeding the guidelines from local and state officials.  

 With a clear appreciation of the trust parents place in them, schools prioritize the safety and well-being of every child through enhanced procedures, which may include: 

  • Limiting the people who enter the building to current team members and enrolled families only 
  • Further reducing student-to-teacher ratios and eliminating combining children from different classrooms 
  • External drop-off and pick-up of children 
  • Increased frequency of hand washing 
  • Increased sanitation of frequently touched surfaces and toys 
  • Limiting use of playground equipment to one classroom at a time and disinfecting playground equipment before and after each use 
  • Suspending family-style dining 
  • Substituting field trips with virtual field trip experiences 

“My daughter is in the kindergarten class at Primrose and we couldn’t be happier. Given the circumstances this year with COVID, the school has done a wonderful job keeping the children safe with appropriate protocols in a small class setting.” -Jordan, a Primrose Parent 

Quality Care When You Need It 

Ideal for working parents, Primrose schools offer extended hours, and we understand that child care is an essential service. Parents are also able to enjoy increased peace of mind that comes from having greater access to their child throughout the day through our appThey can take a glimpse into their child’s classroom, learn important information and receive updates. Key features include:  

  • Digital updates. Through the app, teachers are able to conveniently provide parents with updates on their child throughout the day. 
  • Photos and videos. Teachers can give parents a firsthand look into their child’s everyday learning experiences while allowing teachers to easily document and share major milestones. 
  • Two-way communication. The app helps inform parents about school events and announcements, and parents can also provide updates to the school, like if their child is out sick or there are any upcoming planned absences. 
  • QR codes for touchless check-in. Primrose schools can use the app to generate a unique QR code that appears on a device, print-out or sign. When parents arrive, they can scan the code to easily check in their child from their phone. 

“Our daughter is currently enrolled in the kindergarten program at Primrose. She is thriving there and learning so much with the full-time in person instruction. The teachers, directors, owners have been wonderful, especially during a challenging year.” -Meredith, a Primrose Parent 

 Parenting is full of choices, and feeling confident in a decision can help take away a great amount of stress. Choosing a kindergarten program is no different, and at Primrose Schools, we are committed to working together with parents to ensure children are learning in a consistent, safe, and nurturing environment.   

 Learn more about Kindergarten at Primrose or find a school near you. 

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 *Results are from the spring 2021 assessment of over 3,200 Kindergarten students in participating Primrose schools, using Star Early Literacy, a nationally recognized assessment tool that measures early literacy and early numeracy skills.  

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