Top Tips for Indoor Fort-Building with Kids

A fort made out of living room furniture, cushions and blankets, labelled 'Miles's fort'

Top Tips for Indoor Fort-Building with Kids

Building indoor forts is a timeless pastime that is still a popular activity for kids today. Here’s a list of the basic supplies you need to get started as well as our top tips for how to create an extra special fort with your little one.


  • Sheets and/or blankets
  • Pillows, blow-up mattresses and/or furniture cushions
  • Painter’s tape or command hooks
  • Stacks of heavy books

Top 10 Fort Tips:

  1. Create your fort near a window so you can enjoy lots of natural light. If this is not an option, grab a flashlight!
  2. Use command hooks on walls or painters tape on furniture to hang sheets/blankets and provide more height to your fort.
  3. Use stacks of books to make walls or to serve as an anchor for sheets.
  4. Gather large cardboard boxes (refrigerator boxes are great!) and create tunnels going to and from the fort. Hula hoops can also make fun passageways! Place a row of hoops (standing vertically) alongside a wall and attach each hoop to the wall and the floor with painter’s tape. Then, cover them with sheets to form a tunnel.  
  5. Use rolled newspaper sheets as “support beams.” Tape them together to create your desired length. (Looking for something a little more stable? Try PVC pipes!)
  6. Utilize closet tension or shower curtain rods to help create a sturdy roof or walls.
  7. Use appropriate, kid-friendly furniture to create a lookout tower.
  8. Incorporate an art project into your fort-building activity by making a sign for the entrance or art for the inside.
  9. Create a fort survival kit with flashlights or glow sticks, snacks, books, crayons and other fun activities for children.
  10. Encourage your child to use the fort for special activities like reading or drawing.

Note: Forts can be fun for parents and kids alike, but safety should always be a top priority! With that in mind, please use caution when constructing a fort with your child. Make sure little ones only use safe fort-building materials and that they only play near or inside stable structures.


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