“I Am Unique” Flower Craftivity

Parent helping children with arts and craft activity

“I Am Unique” Flower Craftivity

When a child knows that they belong, they can thrive. That’s why at Primrose Schools we celebrate similarities and differences and nurture character traits like kindness and respect.  

Our teachers help children practice these values in many ways, including through music, books, and activities like art projects, service-learning projects and character development lessons.  

Looking for a fun and easy way to explore this idea at home? This craftivity celebrates what makes each friend or family member special while also highlighting the wonderful things that you all have in common. 


  • Colorful construction paper 
  • Nontoxic markers 
  • Nontoxic glue 
  • Safety scissors 

"I am Unique" Flower Craftivity Steps


  1. Begin by helping your child sketch out a flower shape onto a piece of paper. Draw one petal for each family member or friend who is participating in the craftivity.  
  2. Cut out the shape carefully so that each petal is separated. In the center of the flower, help your child write a trait all of you have in common, such as a shared favorite color or ice cream flavor. 
  3. On another sheet of paper, ask your child to draw a flower in the same shape. Each family member or friend can then use the markers to color their own petal and write something special that they see in each person they’re sharing the craft with. Keep the center of this second flower blank.  
  4. Place the first flower you created on top of the second making sure the petals are aligned. Then attach the two by adding glue to the center of the bottom flower and pressing the center of the top flower onto it.  
  5. Once the glue has dried, your child can lift the flower petals to reveal what makes each of you special. Talk with them about these traits and how your child can appreciate what all of you have in common as well as what makes each of you unique.

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