How to Create Intentional Moments with Your Child

Mother helping her daughter brush her teeth

How to Create Intentional Moments with Your Child

Holidays and fun family vacations can produce wonderful memories to be treasured forever. However, powerful parent-child bonds are built through everyday tasks and activities done with playful and loving intention.

Savoring the smallest daily experiences provides a lasting and positive connection between you and your child. Here are some practical parenting tips for creating intentional moments with your little one throughout your daily routine:

  1. Changing a diaper (Ages 0-3): Use the time spent at the changing table to build a meaningful connection with your baby or toddler by singing songs together, making eye contact, sharing smiles and enjoying nurturing time. Consider adding a drop of lavender essential oil to your box of diaper wipes for a little soothing aromatherapy as part of this pleasant time together.
  2. Potty training (Ages 2-3): Potty training need not be stressful – it’s a great opportunity to be your child’s cheerleader! Think of it as a time of encouragement and celebration rather than a dreaded task to master. Place a basket of special picture books in the bathroom and set up an audio dock with a special playlist of kid-friendly tunes to turn on when it’s time to go potty to keep the experience nothing but positive for your little one.
  3. Preparing simple meals (Ages 2-3): Invite your child to help you with meal prep. Provide a safe stool for your child to use to reach the counter, and let her complete age-appropriate tasks such as cracking eggs, buttering toast, stirring pancake batter or mixing salad. Turn snack time into quality time by engaging in something Primrose likes to call “Snacktivities” and prepare healthy snacks together like . Spending time in the kitchen will not only strengthen your parent-child bond, but your child’s self-esteem and confidence will be enhanced as well. Click here for more kid-friendly recipes that you and your child can make together.
  4. Getting dressed (Ages 2-3): When it’s time for your child to get his socks and shoes on to leave the house, make it a fun and playful task. Sing “This little piggy…” or make up a song about socks and shoes.
  5. Brushing teeth (Ages 2+): Make a mundane, often dreaded task fun and meaningful by turning the toothbrush into a talking character who wants to tickle your child’s teeth. Ask your child if you can count her teeth, or allow her to brush YOUR teeth!

Meaningful memories are made in the rituals we observe on a regular basis. Look for opportunities to connect in love and play with your child even in the most seemingly mundane activities, and your relationship will be all the more enriched!

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