How Primrose School Teachers Help Inspire a Love of Learning

How Primrose School Teachers Help Inspire a Love of Learning

For your little one, developing a love of learning doesn’t start with subjects like math and science; it starts with love and trust. It starts with Primrose school teachers who bring our Balanced Learning approach to life. But don’t just take our word for it—see what Primrose families are saying.

The teachers give amazing, loving, and comforting hugs to my daughter every day. My daughter’s smile when she arrives to that infant room is priceless because I know she loves it and she’s loved and cared for there. -Veronica R

My child’s teachers have been incredible with our son. They provide so much love, support, encouragement, and positive reinforcement on a daily basis. -Erin H

At Primrose schools, teachers have many roles. They’re caregivers and educators, but they’re also musicians, storytellers, cheerleaders, and so much more. Through their guidance, support and dedication, they help children grow up secure, happy and prepared for the academic and social challenges of elementary school and beyond.

My son’s teachers go above and beyond to make him feel celebrated for the little moments that might sometimes be overlooked in the course of a busy day. Their numerous Happy Grams are always encouraging and such a sweet way for us to bond with him and continue the encouragement at home! -Jillian R

Our son’s teachers always let us know what’s happening in class, send lots of great pictures and communication and take their time to get to know our son individually, his likes and dislikes and put that extra special effort in to helping him with the areas he struggles. -Amanda M

Every day, Primrose school teachers create learning experiences for children that fill their classrooms with joy and learning. To a child, storytime might just be reading stories, but to a teacher, it’s opening the door to communication and laying the foundation for reading, writing and comprehension. To a child, a game might just be a game, but to a teacher, it’s an opportunity to foster creativity and problem solving that helps children become complex thinkers.

Our daughter’s teacher has fueled her creativity and imagination with her dream of being an astronaut. She made a space-inspired crown at school for her birthday and helps her draw pictures of planets. She is simply the best and most kind person. -Roz C

Teachers play an important role in supporting children’s growth. When children feel safe, loved and confident, they can learn and grow to their fullest potential. That’s why Primrose school teachers are dedicated to partnering with parents to inspire a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

“People who go into the teaching profession, particularly early childhood, tend to be very giving, kind people,” says Dr. Maria Shaheen, Senior Director of Early Childhood Education for Primrose Schools. “Primrose school teachers embody the character development traits we value at Primrose and teach children every day.”

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