How Primrose Balanced Learning Helps Children Develop Social Skills

How Primrose Balanced Learning Helps Children Develop Social Skills

According to recent research, 87% of parents with children under 6 have talked with their child’s teacher about their child’s development in the past. At Primrose, our Balanced Learning® approach focuses on the whole child. As part of that, we introduce important concepts like character development and life skills early—because, like parents, we believe who children become is as important as what they know.

The Balanced Learning approach is designed to inspire children to think with creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. It helps children develop an important foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

One of the biggest benefits of our early learning approach is that classroom experiences go beyond academics. Primrose school teachers guide children as they learn letters, numbers, science and more, but they also weave in character development and life skills opportunities throughout the day so children can develop social and relationship skills.In today’s world, the importance of these skills—like sharing, cooperation and making decisions—can’t be overstated. They help children gain confidence, build meaningful relationships and form healthy habits. And at Primrose, teachers help children develop these skills in a number of ways.

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Happy Hearts Character Development and Life Skills™

Teachers follow our Balanced Learning Happy Hearts Character Development and Life Skills programs every day to support children’s development of important values like respect, friendship and honesty in class, at home and in the community. We focus on:


Nurtures social-emotional skills along with character traits that help children gain confidence, build quality relationships and become caring, engaged members of their community.


Enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills that encourage curiosity, creativity, focus and attention.


Teaches practical and life skills through participation in small tasks focused on safety, personal well-being and healthy habits.

Harmony & Heart®

The benefits of music for young children are undeniable, which is why Primrose created the Balanced Learning Harmony & Heart program. This unique approach combines music and exclusive Primrose children’s books in a variety of ways so children aren’t just learning about rhythm and melody; they’re also learning how to be creative thinkers, good listeners and kind people.

Harmony & Heart uses original music collections—which are available to enjoy at home—as well as books in daily classroom experiences to not only reinforce math and reading concepts but also to foster independence, confidence and strong character.

The Primrose Friends

As part of the Balanced Learning character development lessons, children delight in learning throughout the day from the Primrose Friends—12 classroom puppets that help children develop compassion, creativity, honesty and more. Each Friend embodies a certain character trait, like friendship or cooperation, and they help children learn through storytime, role playing and hands-on activities.

As educators and parents, we all want children to grow up to be kind and caring adults, which is why building good character is at the heart of our Balanced Learning approach. To learn more about Balanced Learning and our character development programs, check out:

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