How Much Does Tuition Cost?

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How Much Does Tuition Cost?

When determining the best child care option for your family, tuition cost inevitably plays an important role. But it’s only one of the factors parents must consider, which is why researching and selecting child care options can feel like such an overwhelming decision.

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Looking for Child Care and Not Sure Where to Start?
Knowing what information to look for can help ensure a provider is a good fit for your child and family before pricing even comes into play. Ask yourself questions early on or use a child care checklist to help you figure out what factors matter most to you. This exercise can help you figure out specific information to look for and questions to ask that may rule out child care options regardless of price. For example, you may discover that the curriculum and teaching style matter most, or that it’s important for healthy meals and snacks to be included.

“We wanted a school that offered differentiated instruction in order to meet all the student’s academic needs and teachers who truly love what they do. As soon as we completed our tour at Primrose, we knew this was the place we would find those things and trust to educate our daughter.” -Tiffani, Primrose parent from Arizona

For providers that make your final cut, be sure to schedule a tour so you can get a feel for the environment in person and factor cost into your final decision.

“We looked at about a dozen preschools and when we walked into Primrose we immediately knew it was the one. The facility was so clean and organized, the educational curriculum was exactly what we were looking for, and they took time to answer all of our questions (we had a lot!). It was clear that they genuinely cared for their students and families and took great pride in their school.” – Jen, Primrose parent from North Carolina

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