A Craft to Celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

A Craft to Celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

Every year from September 15 to October 15, Primrose celebrates Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. It’s a time to recognize and honor the diverse cultures and contributions of Latin and Hispanic Americans.  

At Primrose, fostering a sense of belongingness in the children and families we serve is at our core, and we believe one of the best ways to do that is by learning about others and exploring how we are alike and different.  

In honor of this important month, we’re sharing a fun family activity for ages 3 and up inspired by the flags of Hispanic and Latin American countries. Use this craft as an opportunity to talk and learn about your family’s heritage. 

National Flag-Inspired Paper Flowers  

Gather your supplies and choose a Hispanic or Latin American country’s flag to inspire your flower designs! For extra fun, have each person choose a flag in secret and take turns guessing which country they chose based on their flower. You can also explore your own family heritage by making flowers based on your country’s flag — or even a combination of multiple flags representing your family history.  

Flag inspirations

  • Mexico (Green, white and red) 
  • Cuba (Blue, white and red) 
  • Venezuela (Blue, red and yellow) 
  • Honduras (Blue and white) 


  • Scrapbook and/or construction paper in various colors 
  • Pen or pencil 
  • Tape and/or nontoxic glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Green and yellow pipe cleaners 


  • Using a pen or crayon, help your child trace the outline of their hand on each sheet of construction paper.  
  • Cut out the outline of your child’s handprint. Make sure to draw and cut out handprints on the colored paper that matches the color of the flags you have chosen. 
  • Curl the cut out into a cone shape with the fingers pointing up. Apply a piece of tape at the bottom so it stays rolled. 
  • Use a pen or crayon to curl each finger outward, beginning at the tip and rolling down (see video).
  • You can also create your flower using layers of paper. Roll one of the handprints and tape the edges together. Then, roll the next handprint around the first and secure it with tape. Repeat with the third handprint for a beautiful layered flower. 

 Make the pipe cleaner stem

  • Cut the yellow pipe cleaner in half and bend it at the middle. Bend the end of the green pipe cleaner, hook it around the bend in the yellow pipe cleaner, and twist together. 
  • Twist the two ends of the yellow pipe cleaner together, beginning at the bend and working outward, until it is a single, yellow twist. 
  • Feed the stem through the top of the flower and pull it through the center. 
  • Repeat the process to make a beautiful flower bouquet that represents your chosen country’s flag! 

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