Handmade Flowers Craft

Handmade Flowers Craft

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? Help your little one put together a bouquet unlike any other to brighten someone’s day.


  • White or colored paper
  • Children’s scissors
  • A pen or crayon
  • Tape
  • One yellow and one green pipe cleaner


  • Using a pen or crayon, help your child trace the outline of her hand on a piece of white or colored paper.
  • Cut out the outline of your child’s handprint.
  • Curl the cut out into a cone shape with the fingers pointing up. Apply a piece of tape at the bottom so it stays rolled.
  • Use a pen or crayon to curl each finger outward, beginning at the tip and rolling down (see video).
  • Make the pipe cleaner stem:
    • Cut the yellow pipe cleaner in half and bend it at the middle. Bend the end of the green pipe cleaner, hook it around the bend in the yellow pipe cleaner, and twist together.
    • Twist the two ends of the yellow pipe cleaner together, beginning at the bend and working outward, until it is a single, yellow twist.
    • Feed the stem through the top of the flower and pull it through the center.
  • Repeat the process to make a beautiful bouquet!

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