Handmade Heart Craft to Make with Your Child

Handmade Heart Craft to Make with Your Child

A handmade craft makes for a great gift and can really help lift someone’s spirits. It’s a simple gesture that demonstrates to children what it means to be generous. Work with your little ones to make this craft and give as a gift to brighten someone’s day.


PARENT STEP: Get some washable kids’ paint, scissors, tape and two sheets of paper.

PARENT STEP: Fold a sheet of paper in half and cut out a heart. Lay the heart aside or save for another craft.  

PARENT STEP: Lay the cutout sheet over the bottom sheet and tape to hold in place. 

PARENT STEP: Dab paint on your child’s hands.

PARENT/CHILD STEP: Help your child press their painted hands down on the sheet to color in the heart. Repeat the previous step with more paint. Let your child pick his or her favorite colors!

PARENT STEP: Remove the top sheet. 

PARENT STEP: Write a heartfelt note around the heart.

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