Going the Extra Mile: Primrose Teachers

Primrose teacher helps preschool students build and play in classroom

Going the Extra Mile: Primrose Teachers

Back-to-school season means an exciting new chapter for your little one with new classrooms, and most importantly, new teachers! At Primrose, teachers often go the extra mile as they encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion in young students.

Here are a few stories of teachers that get a gold star for their exceptional service:

 Spreading Joy and Giving Back

On a Sunday in December, teachers and staff at Primrose School of Bells Ferry used their day off to host a holiday party with Anchors of Hope, a local charity. Ten families with children undergoing cancer treatment attended the party to decorate cookies, make reindeer food and cheerful cards, listen to holiday music and take family photos by a photographer. The school also gave the families gifts to enjoy during the holidays.

 Opening Books and Doors for Students

Ms. Rexroad, a teacher at Primrose School of South Tampa, noticed a lack of books available to children in her community. Inspired by her personal love for reading and her hope that all children become readers, she opened a “Little Free Library” where children can exchange an old book they have read and pick out a new book donated by Primrose School of South Tampa. Ms. Rexroad hopes to grow her little library and help many more children develop a love of reading in her community.

 Moving Swiftly and Keeping Students Safe

In Primrose schools, your child’s safety is teachers’ top concern, so when one student went into a seizure at Primrose School of Woodbury, teachers responded calmly and swiftly. They worked as a team to help the child, record data for the child’s parents and medical officials, and take other students to a safe spot away from the commotion. Parents on a tour of the school saw all of the action and were so impressed by the staff’s response that they decided to immediately enroll their child in Primrose. They were “100 percent confident that if something were to happen to our child, the staff are trained and ready to handle it swiftly and safely.”

At Primrose, we love celebrating our teachers as they model kindness, empathy and giving without expectation for our young students. Click here for fun, simple ways that you and your child can say “thank you!” to their teachers and school staff.


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