Fostering Belongingness Through Music

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Fostering Belongingness Through Music

The benefits of music for young children are as undeniable as they are plentiful. Music helps children express themselves, learn about patterns, grow courage, practice listening, improve language, try new things and so much more. 

As a part of our Balanced Learning® approach, the Primrose Harmony & Heart® program showcases a variety of music in the classroom every day, including classic children’s songs, original songs unique to Primrose and international tunes. Music is a powerful way to teach children about culture, both their own and others, in a celebratory way. 

That’s why in celebration of this year’s National Day of Belongingness, we’ve created the “You Belong!” song, which celebrates how we are alike and different. Recognizing each of our unique characteristics, traits, customs, and cultures, the “You Belong!” song reminds you that you are amazing just the way you are.​ 

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As you celebrate National Day of Belongingness and foster a sense of belongingness not only in your child, but in their community, try listening to music from other countries and cultures, exploring the instruments they use and maybe even learning the lyrics to sing along!  

“Children love hearing music from different cultures,” says Dr. Maria Shaheen, senior director of early childhood education for Primrose Schools®. “Music is universal; it’s cross-cultural; it’s part of the human experience.” 

To get you started, we’ve put together a playlist of international music from our Harmony & Heart Music Collections along with the “You Belong!” song. Enjoy!

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