Fostering Belongingness Through Books

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Fostering Belongingness Through Books

Fostering a sense of belongingness means creating and maintaining an environment where everyone feels included, and that comes to life in Primrose classrooms in a variety of ways every day. One of the most impactful ways is through books. When children open a book, they’re not just learning about words and pictures. They’re also learning how they and their experiences fit within the broader world. 

 That’s why we believe it’s important for children to see people who look like them in books, images, educational materials and toys. This representation helps develop a sense of self as well as an appreciation for people who are different. 

 Our Balanced Learning® curriculum uses a thoughtfully selected library of books that support this sense of belongingness by representing a wide range of diverse characters and circumstances.  

 “The books in our classrooms give children a chance to see themselves, and also people who don’t look like them but who might have similar feelings or experiences,” says Dr. Maria Shaheen, senior director of early childhood education for Primrose Schools®. “This is important for developing identity and an appreciation for differences.” 

 Build your own belongingness library with some of the books found in our classrooms. 

For more on how we help teach children about acceptance and belongingness, check out: 

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