Five of the Best Podcasts for Kids

Preschool boy in yellow sweatshirt listens to kid's podcast

Five of the Best Podcasts for Kids

As a parent, it can be tricky to find entertainment for kids when play isn’t an option. There’s a growing body of research that shows that  too much screen time can have negative effects on children. Podcasts are an easy, affordable alternative to keep your little one’s mind engaged on car rides, at the grocery store or even on a rainy Saturday.

If you’re not familiar with children’s podcasts, the very concept might sound like an oxymoron – lots of parents can’t imagine their toddler sitting still for more than a few minutes, much less for a half hour to listen to the droning voice of a stranger! In reality, there are many podcasts for kids available that range from purely entertaining to full of educational content. There are musical podcasts, kids science podcasts and some that are just plain fun! Just remember that young children should consume content with adult supervision.

Here are 5 picks for the best podcasts for kids from experts Lynn Louise Wonders, Anna Hall and Dr. Sandra Linder:

  • Aaron’s World: It’s a podcast for kids, made by kids! Your little one will learn about dinosaurs, robots and big adventures. Kids of all ages (and adults!) will have a blast following along with Aaron as he travels through time, learning about science and STEAM concepts.
  • Brain’s On: Also hosted by kids, Brain’s On aims to encourage curiosity in children as they explore concepts of science and history. Each episode features a new kid co-host and answers questions about our world. You and your child can even submit your questions to the podcast creators!
  • Noodle Loaf: This quirky series is made up of short (about ten-minute) episodes focused on music and movement to help your little ones get their wiggles out. With episodes like “Duck Truck Goose” or “Pillowcase Pants” you’ll have a blast getting active and embracing the silliness of this podcast for kids!
  • Story Pirates: Parents and kids alike adore this humorous podcast which brings kid-authored stories to life. Professional actors, comedians and musicians present silly stories like “The Girl Who Turned into Spaghetti” or “The Quest for the Golden Bananas.”
  • Ear Snacks: This upbeat musical podcast encourages curiosity and exploration. The dynamic duo Andrew and Polly use music to encourage toddlers and young children to ask questions about the world, treat others with kindness, and use their imagination.

Finding ways to keep your little one occupied can be challenging, but there’s no need to resort to TV or online streaming. Try out some of these podcasts and research more kid-friendly options! Looking for more alternatives to screen time? Check out this post.

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