Encourage Curiosity with This Colorful Experiment

Potion bottles filled with colored water and oil

Encourage Curiosity with This Colorful Experiment

This age-appropriate science craft for kids encourages curiosity with this bubbly lesson in observation. Ask your child questions about the science behind these “potion” bottles and have your little one predict if each liquid will mix or separate.


  •      2 tbsp. of oil
  •      1/2 cup of water
  •      Empty bottle or glass
  •      2+ different bottles of food coloring


  • Fill the empty glass or bottle half full with water.

Bottle half filled with water

  • Add oil to the water. Ask your child to make observations about how the oil and water separate.

Bottle half filled with water and one fourth oil

  • Add two or three drops of one bottle of food coloring to the water and oil. Encourage your child to observe how the food coloring and water mix, while the oil and food coloring do not.

Bottle half filled with water, one fourth oil and few drops of blue food color

  • Shake the bottle and observe how the liquid mixes and separates.

Bottle half filled with green water

  • Repeat the steps using different amounts of food coloring, water and oil.

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