Easy Teacher Gifts That Say “Thank You”

Easy Teacher Gifts That Say “Thank You”

Often, my young child spends more time while awake with her teachers than with me (#workingmomproblems).

Which is why I always make it a priority to grow and maintain a strong, open relationship with each of her teachers. I love giving them little gifts during holidays or at the end of the year.

But what do they really want? I reached out to friends who are teachers of all education levels to see what their favorite gifts have been over the years.

This reply from a friend who has taught almost every age group sums it up perfectly: “Handwritten notes are the best! That’s what I have a drawer full of. All the presents are wonderful, but the kind words mean the most. It is also fun to pull out ornaments, drink out of a mug, or look at a pencil holder or paper-clip holder, and think of the sweet child who gave it to me and their story.”

With Teacher Appreciation Day (May 7) occurring this month and end-of-year celebrations just around the corner, here are a few ideas for easy, handmade gifts that you can give —  along with a sweet note from your little one.

  • Handprint Painting for TeacherFor the teacher whose students can’t write yet: Use this printable superlatives worksheet (or this one) and fill in the answers your child gives about her teacher! If your child is nonverbal, use your child’s handprint to make a thoughtful card.
  • For a coffee- or tea-loving teacher: Decorate a mug with a permanent paint pen or oil paint and bake the mug to make your design last. This is a really sweet idea to do with small children. I may even have my daughter decorate a cup for me!
  • For the sentimental teacher: Take a photo of your child sitting next to or holding up a sign that says “thank you” and use that picture as the front of a folded card or put it in a frame. Have your child color the frame matte or write a thank you note in the card.
  •  For the teacher with a green thumb: have your child paint a flower pot and fill it with a potted plant or gardening tools. Here is one fun painted pot idea for your child to try!
  • For the note-jotting, list-making teacher: Create stationery with your child’s drawings.

After compiling all of these ideas, I’m planning to make a photo card with a small gift card inside for my daughter’s teachers. Click here for a Pinterest board with all of these ideas and more.  

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