Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

I really think I could wallpaper my home with the papers and art projects that my girls bring home from school. With all the creations that are generated at home, I could easily cover the outside of my house. While I love to display my girls’ artwork, I prefer easy, low impact (as in, no nails in my walls) ways to show off their work. Here are some of my favorites:

Repurposed old frames – This idea is my absolute favorite! Secondhand stores are the best place to pick up cheap frames. All you actually need is the frame, so get rid of everything else (glass, stand, etc.). Then use what you have around the house to give them a new look – you can even let the kids do this. Since you will be hanging the frames without glass, you can secure them on the wall using poster putty. Now you can change out the artwork as it arrives home. I also use poster putty to secure the artwork to the wall. Keeping the nails out of the picture means you are not committed to one wall, so you can move the frames to other locations in your home as needed!

Magnetic paint – Many years ago, I painstakingly assembled and mounted a 12-foot long corkboard in my stepdaughters’ room so she could pin every little thing up that she brought home. Let me just say that a home built in 1930 will no longer have straight and plumb walls. How I wish magnetic paint had been available! Undercoat an area you wish to use as a magnetic wall, then topcoat the magnetic paint with the color of your choosing. Brilliant!

Apps – If you want to keep everything, just not the physical presence of all the papers, there are many Apps available to digitally store your child’s artwork. At a later date you can make a photo book with the stored images or create a storybook with your child.

Clothes lines – This is another easy idea we use at the girls art table. You can make this as simple as I did – using small screw eye hooks, natural fiber rope, and clothespins – or get fancy and purchase an art cable kit with accenting mounts and matching clips to hang the artwork.

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