Create a Coat of Arms as a Family with this Fun Activity

A smiling little girl dressed as a fairy with a wand and cape

Create a Coat of Arms as a Family with this Fun Activity

What are some things that are important to your family? We love this Coat of Arms activity because it is a great way to share what makes your family so special and unique!

Here’s how to get started:

1)   Print the Coat of Arms graphic below.

2)   Explain to your child that a Coat of Arms tells about the person and family who own it.

3)   Ask your child what colors they think best describe your family. For example, “Should we make this green because we love to go outside?”  “What are some of our favorite colors? “

4)   Ask your child to help you draw animals, items and symbols that represent your family. Have fun with it!

5)   When you are finished, display your Coat of Arms on the fridge for everyone to see.

With a little artistic expression and a whole lot of crayons, this activity helps children learn about themselves and provides a perfect opportunity to share some of the values and interests that have been important to your family for generations. 


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