Conservation Tips and Crafts to Celebrate Our Planet at Home

Megy the pig holding plant teaching conservation

Conservation Tips and Crafts to Celebrate Our Planet at Home

Conservation is a big topic to grasp for grown-ups, let alone children under five. In Primrose schools, teachers have help from Megy® the pig, our conservation superhero. Megy loves observing nature and teaching children ways to conserve resources.       

To help your little one understand and appreciate this big idea, we have collected some of Megy’s best conservation tips. She loves sharing these small ways to make a big impact both in the classroom and at home. 

Megy Tip #1: Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. 

Water comes from our planet. That means it is a natural resource. If we waste natural resources, we could run out one day. So, one way to save water is to turn it off when you’re brushing your teeth.

To help your little one remember, sing this:

“When you grab your toothbrush and your toothpaste, 

Turn off the water so there’s no waste!” 

Megy Tip #2: Turn the lights off when you leave the room. 

Just like we all need to sleep to have energy for the next day, the lights do too! Turning the lights off when you leave a room helps save energy. Being energy efficient keeps our planet healthy. 

 If your child needs a reminder, try this:

“When we leave a room, 

What does Megy say? 

‘Lights out can save the day!’” 

Megy Tip #3: Use both sides of the paper when drawing or writing. 

Did you know that paper comes from trees and trees help us breathe by making clean air? Trees are also home to many animals. So, using both sides of the paper helps save the trees and our planet.     

Remember, when you create your next masterpiece: 

“Both sides please,

Save the trees!” 

Megy Tip #4: Many items like cans, bottles and cardboard can be recycled. 

We use something almost every day that can go in the recycling bin. Recycled items can be used again and again. This helps reduce waste and keep our planet beautiful and clean. 

Recycling can be fun, and to help your little one remember:

“When we recycle a bottle or can,

We give the Earth a helping hand!” 

Megy Tip #5: Reuse empty boxes and scrap paper for crafts. 

Arts and crafts can be made out of anything. Megy loves getting curious and creative with her supplies and reusing what she can when doing crafts and making art at home. 

 When you begin a new craft, remember:  

“Be creative right from the start,

Reuse materials to make your art!” 

A Conservation Craft – The Conservation Tree      

Here is one of our favorite conservation activities that you can do with your child at home. This craft incorporates Megy’s Tip #5 and includes one of the four Rs of conservation—reuse! As you prepare for this activity, review the four Rs of conservation with your child: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair.      


As best you can, use only supplies you and your child already have at home (i.e., recycled/reused/repaired items) such as scrap paper, yarn, art supplies, cardboard, fabric, paper towel rolls, etc. You will also need glue or tape. Check out the teacher tips below to incorporate Megy’s lessons! 

  •  Together think about what you want your tree to look like–is it tall or short? Wide or thin? Come up with a list of all of the parts (leaves, branches, trunk) and any other features you might want to add. 
    • Teacher Tip #1: Talk about how animals live in the trees. You can ask your child which animals live in trees.       
    • Teacher Tip #2: You may also revisit the phrase “natural resources” and talk about what trees need in order to grow (dirt, water, sun). Also ask how your child might include some of those things in their artwork.     
  • Once you have an idea of what you’d like your tree to look like, brainstorm with your child what recycled materials you could use to create it. What supplies can you find inside your home? What can you find outdoors (leaves, dirt, pinecones)?  
  • Collect all of these items and tape or glue them together on a sheet of paper to create your Conservation Tree!      

Creating a Conservation Tree can serve as a reference about the importance of conservation all season. See how many times you can use Megy’s tips and rhymes this month with your child. Megy loves sparking creativity and curiosity around conservation in the classroom and at home.  

For more on teaching children about conservation and nature, check out: 


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