Parent Resources: Develop Positive Character Traits in Children

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Parent Resources: Develop Positive Character Traits in Children

It’s never too early to help your child develop good character traits. After all, children begin to show signs of empathy as early as 6 months old. But how do you start nurturing good character traits for kids? Here are tips and resources to help you foster compassion, creativity, gratitude, honesty and more in your child.

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Raising Compassionate Children

Raising compassionate children sounds simple enough; if you are caring, you hope that it will rub off on your little ones. However, research indicates that the presence of these tendencies is largely dependent on a child’s interactions with parents, teachers and friends. Here are four ways to help you nurture compassion, empathy and other character traits for kids. >Read more

thanks giving gratitude

Helping Preschoolers Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

It’s never too soon to begin teaching your little one about gratitude. Children as young as 2 years old can begin practicing basic expressions of gratitude. Here are eight easy ways to help your child develop a thankful attitude. >Read more

teaching children to give back

Teaching Children to Give Back

The act of giving to others can be just as fulfilling as being on the receiving end of a thoughtful gesture. We have five easy ways to encourage caring and giving in your child. >Read More

honesty learning the difference between make believe and reality

Honesty: Learning the Difference Between Make-Believe and Reality

Just as much as we want our children to build their imaginations, we also want to encourage honesty in their words and actions. Read our simple tips for how to support your child’s make-believe stories while also teaching him about honesty. >Read more

How Children Show Kindness at Every Age

How Children Show Kindness at Every Age

While it may seem like children are too young to grasp big concepts like compassion, research shows differently. Each and every day in Primrose classrooms, we see young children demonstrate what it means to have good character. >Read more

introducing art to your child

How to Help Your Child Be More Creative

Art is much more than creating something pretty to showcase on your fridge at home. It also develops lifelong skills used in daily life, such as critical thinking and problem solving, motor skills, self-expression, teamwork and, of course, creativity. Here are a few activities to help your child be more creative. >Read more

Right and Wrong

Nurturing a Sense of Right and Wrong from the Start

Early experiences and relationships help children learn what is right and wrong, and help them develop a conscience. Here are eight simple ways you can nurture children’s early character development.                   >Read more

Encouraging Cooperation with Children

Encouraging Cooperation with Children

Cooperation is put into action in almost every aspect of our lives, so it is important for children to learn this skill early. In good news, modeling cooperation may be easier than you think! >Read more

Educating Your Child’s Heart

Educating Your Child’s Heart

Ask any parents what they want most for their child and the sentiment is usually the same: they want their child to have a strong sense of social and emotional well-being. We have three insightful takeaways for parents when it comes to educating your children’s hearts and encouraging character traits for kids. >Read more

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