Celebrating Earth Day: Primrose Patch and Mud Pies

two girls using a watering can at the Primrose patch

Celebrating Earth Day: Primrose Patch and Mud Pies

Earth Day is April 22, and spring is the perfect time to learn important and fun lessons about nature, the planet and sustainability for kids.

At Primrose, children develop a sense of curiosity and respect for the planet through our Mud Pies® program. Children learn about growing plants and practicing sustainability as they tend to their school’s Primrose Patch garden. Children even have the opportunity to plant and harvest their own fruits and veggies, which may be served as part of the Primrose Balanced Menus program.

Here are some ways Primrose students are digging deep into the Mud Pies program and learning about our planet!

boy playing outdoors at Primrose School of Lutz

Primrose School of Lutz

Hard work and patience pay off! Students grabbed their gardening tools to harvest broccoli, cilantro and parsley from their Primrose Patch. And thanks to the school chef, the children got to enjoy their school-grown veggies for lunch.


Primrose School students play in the garden on earth day

Primrose School of Lakehill

To celebrate Earth Day, the Kindergarten class planted a plum tree in their school’s garden. The children cared for the sapling and learned how future Primrose students will be able to enjoy plums from the tree they planted.


Students at Primrose School of Brassfield learn about math and gardening at their farmer's market

Primrose School of Brassfield

Once their produce was ready to harvest, students and teachers held an afterschool farmers’ market to share their school-grown fruits and veggies with their families! The children loved this hands-on approach to learning about healthy eating and were proud to show off the fruits of their labor.


primrose students at primrose school of new irving park play outside in their garden Primrose School of New Irving Park

Kindergarteners got to experience a hands-on lesson in the scientific method while tending to their Primrose Patch. Students made predictions about how tall each of their plants would grow, then observed and charted their growing plants throughout the spring.


Primrose school of south tampa students meet with master gardener from university of florida
Primrose School of South Tampa

Each year, Primrose students are visited by the Master Gardening program from University of South Florida. The two generations of learners work together to prepare their Primrose Patch, learn about growing plants and the importance of sustainability for kids.

Looking for more ways you and your little one can go green for Earth Day?

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