Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Education

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Education

30th-Anniversary-Logo_Green-210x300In 1982, Paul and Marcy Erwin founded the very first Primrose School in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past 30 years, Primrose Schools has expanded to include more than 245 schools in 17 states which is quite an accomplishment! When I first came to Primrose, there were only 100 schools spread across 8 states. As I reflect on my years with this amazing group, I thought I would share some of the memorable milestones in our history. Many Primrose parents will tell you they feel as if their child’s school is an extension of their family and this is something that makes us proud. Over the past 30 years, the extraordinary teachers and staff in our schools have continuously demonstrated their commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality early childhood education and child care services. Our schools have partnered with parents and offered them high quality educational experiences for their children. We, as a system of schools, have always stood for consistency of delivery and quality implementation, and this reputation has spread throughout the country. Parents know they can count on Primrose.

We diligently follow research related to child development and learning and recent findings support the balanced approach Primrose Schools has taken over the years. Neurological research has shown that the most active time of brain development occurs before age 5 when neural connections are established by the experiences children have with people and objects in their environment. The quality of those early interactions determines how children will continue to learn and form relationships, strongly influencing their future success and happiness. These findings are foundational to the commitment Primrose Schools has made over the past 30 years to nurturing the development of well-rounded children. We are committed to creating an exceptional, high-quality early childhood educational experience for children and bringing peace of mind to parents.

We recognize that preparation for elementary school and beyond involves more than just ABCs and 123s. For this reason, our Balanced Learning® Curriculum addresses multiple aspects of growth and learning—physical, social-emotional, cognitive and creative. We identify learning outcomes in these areas to determine the kinds of activities and experiences children need to grow and learn at different stages in their development. Our curriculum has always included a blend of child-initiated and teacher-guided activities with a special emphasis on character development. We have created a meaningful learning path, or blueprint, that enables teachers to guide children in the development of the knowledge and skills they need to advance from one year to the next. Our dedicated teachers and staff support and nurture the development of compassion, confidence and a love of learning in addition to academic skills.

Since 1982, we’ve been building and nurturing trusted relationships with our parents, recognizing that they are their children’s first teachers. We are thankful to those who have entrusted us with the care and education of their children day-to-day. We look forward to the next 30 years of partnering with parents to help prepare their children for a happy and rewarding future.

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