Celebrate Back to School With 5 Crafts and Activities

Little boy at preschool smiles and gives thumbs up to camera on back to school

Celebrate Back to School With 5 Crafts and Activities

The first day of school not only marks the start of another year of learning, but another special milestone in a child’s life. Help your little one commemorate the back-to-school season by creating a keepsake that celebrates this memory. Here are some fun back-to-school activities, arts and crafts from art expert Megan Hettig.

  • “All About Me” Photoshoot: Snapping a photo of your child is a popular way of capturing the first day of school. Take this idea to the next level by personalizing a poster. Create a sign that reflects your child’s interests and hobbies, decorate it with stickers, embellishments, photos and more, and then have your child pose with it on the first day of school. Repeat this process again for the last day of school and talk to your child about how she’s grown and how her interests have changed throughout the year. Add both of these photos to a box that contains all of your child’s saved artwork from the school year. Also, use this Primrose printable to remember this milestone!
  • Back-to-School Nook: After the freedom of summer, it’s often difficult for children to begin focusing again at home. Dedicating a space or room for learning is both a great way to help your child make this shift and also a good practice for your child to use in his education journey. In the “learning nook,” add large cushions to sit on, stock it with books, games and art supplies, and ask your child to help decorate the walls with artwork, signs, awards and family photos. Your child can use this space to read books, create artwork or even host a family game night.   
  • First Day Family Tribute: If you haven’t started any first day of school traditions, don’t worry – it is not too late! There are lots of easy, fast and creative things you can do with your child which will leave a lasting impression. Some ideas include choosing a back-to-school outfit together or cooking a special breakfast on the first day of school. You can also arrange a fun surprise for your little one to boost his excitement, such as decorating your child’s bedroom door with a poster and streamers on the first day of school.
  • Get Excited to Learn: Your child may be hesitant to focus in the classroom after a flexible summer schedule. Get her excited about learning with a few of our simple science fun activities! Create a rainbow, rain cloud or lava lamp with your child in just a few steps. You can also strengthen your child’s coordination and counting skills with a few of our kid-friendly recipes for healthy snacks.
  • Pocket Pal: If your child is starting a new school or is anxious during back-to-school season, she may enjoy using a pocket pal. Help your little one find or make a small memento – something with sentimental meaning – to take to school to help calm her nerves. It can be a photo or drawing your family created together, a small piece of cloth cut from a familiar item or even a lipstick kiss from mom on a sticky note. Remind your child to hold or look at her pocket pal any time she feels scared or sad during the day and to remember that she will see you right after school. You can change the pocket pal daily, weekly or as needed to help ease the transition during the first few weeks of school.

For more tips on helping your child with the transition back to school, check out this post.

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