Building a Balanced Foundation for Children

Building a Balanced Foundation for Children

One of the best things about being the parent of a young child is rediscovering the magic in ordinary, everyday experiences. The same blade of grass that adults tend to ignore can often become the subject of wonder and fascination for a child inspecting it for the first time. This natural instinct to explore and discover is a key component of early learning and provides the foundation for a child’s future development.

Children learn in different ways and their preferred way of learning may change as they grow and discover. Through the Primrose Balanced Learning® approach, children satisfy their natural curiosity and desire for independence by engaging in purposeful play and exploration. Teachers also guide and extend children’s thinking through meaningful questioning and direct instruction, continually guiding children’s learning to the next level. 

Balanced Learning includes a variety of daily classroom experiences designed to not only build literacy and math skills but to also foster creativity, social and emotional growth, and character development. Character development and enrichment programs focus on giving back to others, music, art, physical activity, nature and foreign language. Through experiential learning opportunities, children begin to think critically, problem solve, jump, run, share and show self-discipline – skills that are important for elementary school and beyond. We know the unique opportunity the first five years of a child’s life presents. That’s why we do everything in our power to maximize this opportunity. We continuously assess student progress and the effectiveness of our Balanced Learning curriculum. National school readiness assessment results continually show Primrose students grasp and master school readiness concepts better than the majority of their peers of the same age. 

Additionally, Primrose parents rate their children above 90 percent in school readiness factors including how their child relates to peers, attitudes towards learning, classroom behavior, concern and caring for others, and ease of the transition to elementary school. Our goal is to help children develop good character and become happy individuals who love learning. We’ve found that by taking a research-informed, balanced approach to early education we’re able to do just that! 

Everything we do at Primrose focuses on nurturing Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®. Please watch the video above to learn more about how the Primrose Balanced Learning approach empowers children to develop the foundation they need to reach their full potential and to become happy, successful adults.


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