Books That Teach Young Children About Disasters

Books That Teach Young Children About Disasters

As a person who thrives on finding life’s efficiencies (I don’t know if that makes me smart or lazy!), I have always been a fan of the “two–in-one” concept. Sure, some combinations seem ridiculous (e.g., The Snuggie—the jacket-blanket that we all pretend we don’t own). But with hectic schedules, I think we all want to maximize our time and efforts to help our children thrive. So why not pair literacy with emergency preparedness? At Save the Children we know that developing language and reading skills early on sets children on a successful path in school and beyond. By instilling the importance of safety through emergency education and planning, parents or guardians can help their children develop habits that may very well save their lives.

That’s why Save the Children’s emergency and education experts compiled these book selections designed to build age-appropriate literacy skills while teaching children how to respond to and cope with emergency situations. It packs a powerful two-in-one combo punch (and is probably more useful than that pink, leopard-print Snuggie hidden in your closet)!

Save the Children’s Emergency Preparedness Booklist

Choose the books that cover disasters that affect your region or read them all! Be sure to foster comprehension along the way, asking questions like: 

  • What happened?
  • What did the characters do?
  • How did the characters keep themselves safe during the disaster?

Emotional Resilience:



  • Rhinos Who Rescue by Julie Mammano: Helps children learn that first responders, such as firefighters, help keep us safe during emergencies. (Pre-K through First Grade)



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