Becoming a Dad for the Second Time

A dad smiles lovingly at his newborn infant

Becoming a Dad for the Second Time

Many people say the happiest day of their life was the day they became a parent. While I still have some living to do, I sincerely doubt it’s possible to experience a happier feeling. I’ve been to the mountain top once already with the birth of my son Bennett, and now I’m about to be there again. My second child, a little girl, will be here in just a few weeks.

Becoming a Dad for the Second Time

So here I am, on the precipice of fatherhood once again, and when I look ahead to the arrival of this beautiful little girl whom I will love with all my heart, I feel oddly…calm. Back when my wife was pregnant with Bennett, I was preoccupied with thoughts of what he would look like, what his personality would be like and whether he would be a happy child. I would literally sit at my office desk and conjecture about Bennett for hours at a time.

Becoming a Dad for the Second TimeThis time around, I almost feel a sense of normalcy. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m truly in love with our little girl already. I can imagine what it will be like after she comes home. Our house will be filled with laughter and, eventually, the patter of four little feet. Everything I see in my mind’s eye leaves me feeling warm and contented. But I have struggled with not feeling the same nervous excitement and anticipation that I felt with Bennett.

I’ve come to realize that this must be the calm you hear more experienced parents describe upon the birth of their second or third child. By the time Father’s Day comes around this month, I’ll be a father twice over. My previous “first” Father’s Day was overwhelming and a tad unbelievable (to me anyway). Going into this one, I feel like I know what to do. Now I just have to figure out how to do it for a little girl. Same game, different rules – now that’s an exciting challenge.

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