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Tyler Hartsook and his wife, Alison, have two great kids, Avery and Christian, who are both Primrose students in Marietta, Georgia. Tyler works as a digital strategist by day, and is superdad and a sports fanatic when he’s off the clock. Follow along for parenting adventures and thoughts on life as a family of four!

Mastering Your Toddler’s Bedtime Routine

You never realize how important alone time and a good night’s sleep are until you don’t have them. Every child is different, but here's how we mastered our kids' bedtime routines.

A Dad’s Back-to-School Wishlist

These things will not only make for a successful school year, but will also set the framework for my kids to grow up to be good people.
Family of four smiling riding bikes and wearing helmets

5 Family Staycation Ideas

Here are the rules you should follow to have a great family staycation.
Dad encouraging young daughter as he carries her on his shoulders

A Dad’s Advice on How to Raise Strong Daughters

“She needs the pink sparkly one.” “Stop wrestling around with her like she’s a boy.” “That’s a boys’ toy.” These are all comments that I…
A dad and his young son play football in the back yard

3 Ways to Get your Kids Involved during Football Season

It’s easy to make football a family tradition by getting your kids excited about your team. From dressing your kids in team attire when they are too young to have any say about their clothes to taking them to games, there are plenty of easy ways to get them into the football spirit. As your little one gets older, the fun only continues.
Little girl practices meditation for kids in her bed.

I Tried Meditating with My 3-Year-Old. Here’s What Happened.

Can children learn meditation, or is it a lost cause to try to get three minutes of peace?  As a daily practitioner of guided meditation,…
A young happily hugs her father

The Power of Toddler Compliments

As parents, we have “one of those days” more often than we care to admit. Those days when we struggle to get the family ready…
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