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Sarah Thompson is the Director of U.S. Preparedness for Save the Children, helping families and communities prepare for emergencies through the Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative. Additionally, Sarah is the lead author of the organization’s Prep Rally curriculum, an emergency preparedness program that helps elementary-aged children and their families learn the basics of preparing for disasters. She holds a master’s degree in health communications from Johns Hopkins University.

Books That Teach Young Children About Disasters

As a person who thrives on finding life’s efficiencies (I don’t know if that makes me smart or lazy!), I have always been a fan of the “two–in-one” concept. Sure, some combinations seem ridiculous (e.g., The Snuggie—the jacket-blanket that we all pretend we don’t own). But with hectic schedules, I think we all want to maximize our time and efforts to help our children thrive. So why not pair literacy with emergency preparedness? At Save the Children we know that…

4 Tips for Communicating During an Emergency

It’s possible that with smart phones and social media today, we’re not as awestruck as we once were by our ability to connect with others. But, this only holds true until you lose your phone, or your child “accidentally” hurls it into the toilet, flushing your contacts into oblivion. Then you realize how important those numbers where and how embarrassingly few you can recall from memory (from personal experience: my childhood home phone, pizza delivery, Jenny’s number [867-5309], and 9-1-1).…
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