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Rebecca Parlakian is the senior director of programs for ZERO TO THREE™, where she develops resources for parents and trains both parents and early childhood professionals on a range of education and parenting topics. She holds a master’s degree in education and human development from George Washington University. Her most important and most satisfying work in child development is raising her two children, Ella and Bennett. They help her remember that parenting is hard, but also lots of fun!

One Size Does Not Fit All: Tips for Raising Siblings

My daughter was a slow-to-warm-up baby and a well-behaved toddler. She never hit or pushed, but instead used her words — like the time she…
Working mom takes baby to child care after maternity leave

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Every mother has a unique experience when going back to work after maternity leave, so every mother’s advice will be a little different. However, there’s…
Grandfather and grandson play in the park

How Children Benefit From Their Grandparents (and Vice Versa!)

My 3-year-old daughter was recovering from her first stomach virus and my mom watched her so I could return to the office. When I got…
A young girl has fun with her babysitter while playing outside.

How to Find an Amazing Babysitter

There’s so much truth in this old advertisement: Pizza: $20. Babysitter: $50. A night out without the kids: Priceless. But finding that great babysitter—the one…
A woman, looking at her smartphone, confused by the numerous options

How to Avoid Information Overload

When my daughter was an infant and never seemed to sleep, I remember desperately typing the words  “how to get a baby to sleep” into…
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