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Primrose Schools® is a national system of accredited private preschools and the leader in providing premier early education and care to children and families in the United States. Our Franchise Owners, School Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to nurture curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion and help children build the right foundation for future learning and life.

4 Ways Summer Adventure Club Is Great for Children and Parents

Summer Adventure Club fosters your children’s natural curiosity and love of exploring, discovering and creating. Read about four benefits — for them and for you!

Fun + Learning = A Summer of Adventure

Summer Adventure Club includes engineering challenges, scientific experiments and themed activities designed to empower children’s fullest potential. Check out a sample of themes that students can discover.

Children and Music: Early Exposure Is Good for Young Brains — and It’s Fun, Too

Making music isn’t just fun and entertaining for little ones. When we provide musical experiences to early learners, we’re helping the connections in their brains to grow.

5 Remarkable Women in STEAM to Celebrate with Your Children

To celebrate women in STEAM, we’ve compiled a list of five females who have made monumental achievements in their fields.

STEAM Activity: Playing with Shadows

This activity provides a fun way to teach early STEAM concepts, such as patterns of change, and helps your child understand the sun’s movement and the shadows it creates.

Ken Wilson-Max on How Books Can Encourage Children to Dream

The “Astro Girl” creator talks about representation and his creative process.
teacher pointing to pictures for toddler

What Primrose Teachers Have in Common

The best teachers have unique gifts, but they all share these five traits.

Some of Our Favorite Books: Birth to Age 5

Looking for a great book for a little one? These are some of the stories we love.

Ideas to Start a Giving Tradition in Your Family

Make generosity fun, memorable and meaningful for your children — no major effort required.
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