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Primrose Schools® is a national system of accredited private preschools and the leader in providing premier early education and care to children and families in the United States. Our Franchise Owners, School Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to nurture curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion and help children build the right foundation for future learning and life.

A young child laughs happily as he sits by the piano

How Music Helps Toddlers Hit Developmental Milestones

How do you learn best? For children as well as adults, it’s easier to learn new things when they relate directly to something in our…
A smiling little girl dressed as a fairy with a wand and cape

Create a Coat of Arms as a Family with this Fun Activity

What are some things that are important to your family? We love this Coat of Arms activity because it is a great way to share…
Little boy looks surprised as he listens to music on a pair of headphones

Immersing Your Child in the Joys – and Benefits – of Music!

As a music educator, I meet many parents who share stories about how the music teacher at their child’s preschool is providing an excellent music…
Two little girls dressed up as fairies hug each other

Nurturing Character in Children

Among the many skills we want to teach our children early in life, character education is often the one we most focus upon and worry…
A happy toddler running outdoors

Make Exercise Fun With These Physical Activity Cubes

Let’s get those little legs moving! This fun dice game will keep your child guessing about which silly move they will get to do next.…

How to Teach Your Children About Cooperation

Help your child grow their sharing and teamwork muscles with these tips.

Playing with Sounds: Developing Phonological Awareness

When children learn to hear, identify and manipulate sounds in words, they're developing the foundation for reading skills.

Fun Warm-Weather Ideas for Exercising with Your Child

It's hot out there, but that doesn't mean you and your children can't get moving—in comfort! Try these four ideas.

A Few Tips on Potty Training from Moms Who’ve Been There

 The setting… a bright, cheery grocery store promising yummy goodies and household necessities! Then just as you’re perusing the latest selection in organic milk you hear, “Mom-m-e-e-e! I have to go pee-pee… NOW!” While moments like these have all the makings of a great television sit-com, this scene could have been taken from any number of parents’ potty-training anecdotes. Reaching the decision to potty train your child is the easy part. The tougher part is tackling the process so the…
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