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Primrose Schools® is a national system of accredited private preschools and the leader in providing premier early education and care to children and families in the United States. Our Franchise Owners, School Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to nurture curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion and help children build the right foundation for future learning and life.

Three diamonds made from paper with yarn threaded through it

A Threading Craft to Help Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

As a busy parent, it can be challenging to find fun activities for kids which also benefit them developmentally. This simple threading craft hones in…
Little boy curiously touches his mother's palm as she tries to teach him sign language

Four Easy Sign Language Tips for Kids

As a parent, you know that your baby has a lot to say – even if she can’t speak yet! You can tap into some…
Little baby boy plays with his shaker toy in his pram

Musical Milestones for Infants and Toddlers

Musical development from birth to age 5 is a wonderful process to watch unfold if you know what to look for. According to Dr. Daniel…
A young boy plays his shakers excitedly

How to Make Your Own Instruments at Home

As the weather continues to get chillier by the day and keeps us inside, you may feel like you’re running out of activities to keep…
A Primrose teacher points out exit routes on a school map

Let’s Talk School Safety: The Primrose Safe School Plan

We know that when you leave your child in someone else’s care, his safety is always top of mind. That’s why we’re committed to the…
A young child laughs happily as he sits by the piano

How Music Helps Toddlers Hit Developmental Milestones

How do you learn best? For children as well as adults, it’s easier to learn new things when they relate directly to something in our…
A smiling little girl dressed as a fairy with a wand and cape

Create a Coat of Arms as a Family with this Fun Activity

What are some things that are important to your family? We love this Coat of Arms activity because it is a great way to share…
Little boy looks surprised as he listens to music on a pair of headphones

Immersing Your Child in the Joys – and Benefits – of Music!

As a music educator, I meet many parents who share stories about how the music teacher at their child’s preschool is providing an excellent music…
A happy toddler running outdoors

Make Exercise Fun With These Physical Activity Cubes

Let’s get those little legs moving! This fun dice game will keep your child guessing about which silly move they will get to do next.…
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