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Megan Hettig has an extensive background teaching art and academics in preschool and private school settings. She studied at Kennesaw State University and is professionally trained in painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, art education and art history. Megan believes that art teaches self-confidence, creativity, perseverance and accountability starting at a young age.

Father and son sit at table and create a holiday craft together.

Meaningful Holiday Crafts Made Easy

The following craft ideas are fun for the whole family and can be done alongside other holiday tasks like baking and wrapping presents.
Little girl sitting at table creates fall craft with leaves and construction paper

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes & Crafts

Kids love participating in holiday prep, and it’s a great way to let them flex their creative skills!
Little girl hangs her art up on a wall as part of her art gallery at home.

4 Things to Do with Your Child’s Artwork

Most of us save our children’s artwork so that we can share the memories with them once they’re older, but we can do many amazing things with their artwork while they’re still young. Here are four easy ideas.
Child drawing with sidewalk chalk

Cool Kids’ Projects for Hot Summer Days

The summer season brings much-needed downtime for the whole family, but it’s also a lot of time to fill when you have young children. Once…
Old tissue box recycled into a decorative storage container

3 Clever Ways to Upcycle a Tissue Box

Fun art projects don’t have to cost a lot of money – in fact, some of the best creations can be made with items already…
Young girl making a thank you card as mother encourages her

4 Creative Ways to Teach Gratitude

During this time of year, we are reminded of the importance of gratitude and giving back. Thankfulness is a trait that often takes practice and…
A young girl coloring with her father

Coloring as a Family: Tips and Tricks

Crayons aren't just for children. Here's how to flex your creativity muscles as a family.
A father and his daughter drawing together

Can Drawing Improve Your Child’s Memory?

Art provides a fun way for you and your child to express your creativity and individuality, and it can also be used as a great…
A father helps his daughter for her craft work

How to Help Your Child Be More Creative

With the rise of STEAM education throughout the U.S. and around the world, educators and parents alike are recognizing the increased importance of teaching art…