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Lynn Louise Wonders, MA, LPC, RPT-S is an early childhood development and parenting expert. She offers private coaching and consultation for parents throughout the U.S. She is a well-known professional in the field of play therapy, providing training, supervision and mentoring to child therapists world-wide having practiced for more than 15 years in schools, child development centers and through her private practice.

When Your Toddler’s Favorite Word is “No!”

When toddlers declare "no!" over and over, it is a sign of age-appropriate emerging independence. As children ages 18- to 24-months realize they are their own person, they have a rapidly growing experience of needing to test this out and feel their power. This is the first step on a long evolutionary path ahead of them; a path of independence and personal power. (Just wait until the teen years!) Have you noticed -- "no" is a very powerful word? And…

Helping Children Ages 3-5 Find Calm

Strong emotions can be like a tidal wave that engulfs and overwhelms children…and often everyone around them.  Here are a few pointers on how to help children learn how to express and regulate emotion at an early age and how to find their way to calm. 1. Keep a cool head. Take an honest peek at your own natural, human reactions and practice on a regular basis soothing yourself and finding your own calm first. 2. An ounce of prevention…
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